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The process of an immigration or visa application required by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) can be slow and painstaking. At the Law Offices of Steven Kalishman, P.A. in Gainesville, our attorneys will guide you through the immigration process and keep you informed of your best options.

Need Assistance with a Complex Immigration Matter?

Contact our offices and make arrangements to speak with one of your skilled attorneys. Call 352-376-8600 or toll free 877-379-3835.

Protect Your Immigration Status

In addition to helping with visa applications and naturalization, our knowledgeable attorneys can help if you are at risk of losing your legal status or have been notified of a removal hearing due to a criminal conviction or overstaying a visa. If you find yourself in such a precarious position, contact one of our lawyers immediately.

Any criminal charges or convictions that find their way onto your record can have a significant impact on your immigration status and application. Our experienced immigration attorneys can work with criminal defense attorneys in preparing a plea agreement or other defense strategy that will protect your good standing with the USCIS.

Placing You on the Path to Citizenship

The lawyers at the Law Office of Steven Kalishman, P.A., will help applicants prepare all of the necessary documents or review your documents to make sure they have been properly completed. While your application is pending, we will assist you in securing non-immigrant benefits such as: work permits and travel documents. If you qualify, our experienced immigration lawyers are prepared to handle cases including:

Applications for non-immigrant visas:

  • B-1, B-2 — visitor visas for business and pleasure
  • E-1, E-2 — treaty traders/investor visas
  • F-1 — student visas
  • J-1 — educational and cultural exchange visas for professionals and artists
  • K-1 / K-3 / K-4 — child, spouse, and fiancé visas
  • L-1A / L-1B — international executive and manager transferee
  • O-1 — athletic visas
  • P-1 — athlete and entertainer visas
  • U; T; and S — cooperative witness visas

Applicants for immigrant visas:

  • family-sponsored immigration applications for permanent residency / green card
  • spouses of deceased US citizens and other self-petitioners
  • fiancée / fiancé
  • adopted orphans
  • battered spouses, victims of domestic violence
  • permanent residency under diversity immigration / visa lottery

Removal and Various Visas:

  • immigration relief
  • asylum
  • cancellation of removal and TPS


Call 352-376-8600 or toll free 877-216-4541 today to speak with an experienced immigration attorney about your case. Or contact us online.





Legal services are also available in Russian. 

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The Law Offices of Steven Kalishman, P.A. offers legal services in Russian, and serves communities throughout north-east Florida, including Gainesville, Alachua, Lake Butler, Starke, Palatka and others in Alachua County; and Putnam, Columbia, Levy, Gilchrist, Union, Bradford and Marion Counties.